Active Parenting

Active Parenting is a parenting education program designed to help parents raise their children in the best way possible. It aims to create a loving, understanding, and consistent environment at home to help prevent children from getting into risky things such as drugs or violence. Being an active parent means working to interact positively with your child within an authoritatively run household. Active parents use discipline methods that encourage growth, strong self-esteem, open communication and respect. 

Classes are done through age group of your child. 
Birth-5 yrs.     
6-12 yrs.         
13-18 yrs.
If you have multiple age children that you would like to take, please contact our team to discuss how classes can be done. 

*No referral needed to schedule an Active Parenting Class.
*Each lesson has slides, and videos for group and individual participation. 
*Those in attendance are asked to be engaged and participate in each lesson. 
*Participants will receive a participant workbook, educational materials and hands on activities.
*Classes are offered through the Sanilac County Health Department Mon-Fri on an apt basis.
*Classes can be offered through virtual option upon request.